Monday, May 25, 2009

don't call me tamar...

yesterday was spent in a pmt haze but i was determined to get started on my little bird house. i totally winged it & as it worked out, so far i have followed nerida's directions even though i didn't have them at the time. clever eh? and i think i am whip stitching but don't know what that is we are maybe half way a 50percentkaz sorta way..

i am now hoping the fact that i just did some exercise is totally combatting the calories i am shoving in my mouth in the way of caramel slice...sugar + pmt = getting through the day.

and i live in hope my shaggy rug is not floating up a main street in hasn't arrived yet. my other one has & i am very happy... in a 50percent sorta way. hopefully today for my shaggy one.

this week is all about appointments for me. i am sure to forget something/someone. cf is in png & i am hoping to remember to pick him up on thursday from the airport.
photo above from hazelnut cottage. nice stuff!

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