Sunday, May 3, 2009

tea bag wallet & midwifery skills

so i changed my mind after inserting ribbon as the ties for the little wallets. i wanted a snap closure with a tab. i had already done 4, so i needed to ammend these first.

now, because i am so used to working in confined spaces with 2 fingers figuring out where a head is, how dilated the cervix is & what position a baby is in from the landmarks on his head, i thought nothing of squeezing my 2 fingers into the wallet, inserting a press stud & redoing all the tabs. i carried on for 3 wallets.......then it dawned on me.....if i actually unpick half of my wallet, i can achieve everything with full vision & redo it all sooo quickly. and finish with a quick restitch up.

i had been working through a 5cm space & turning things in & out for adjustments 100 times through this tiny space......beacause i am used to working that way!
3 down, 7 to go!

dear god, i have to get out a little more....
final note: these need neat hand stitching to close the opening & a tidy up of threads...a bit like after a vaginal birth.....just saying!

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