Friday, May 22, 2009

projects & lists

after a reasonable nights sleep with a bed hogging cat, i am in the mood for making lists...projects that are half finished, things that need doing around the house, jobs for cf to complete....thought if i put them in writing here i may be more inclined (shamed into) to actually finish something. i won't bore you with the house stuff... or the man jobs. so here goes for the crafty list:
  • do my driftwood hanging...i went to the trouble of collecting the wood when we went to kingscliff & had grand ideas
  • finish my advent calendar...i started it in october for last year but only got to 9. i had the bright idea of embroidering each letter....if i start now, i may get it done for this year.
  • make a pin cushion...i keep getting injured digging into my tin
  • make a little b'day gift for friend's b'day in july...cannot mention what i have in mind as she may finally get around to reading this blog
  • get new baby gift sorted for teacher at school. i have what i need, just need to actually do it!
  • start my quilt for the couch...well, i need 2 but i cannot start 2 can i? you know, the amy butler one....note i didn't say finish the quilt...and mine will be a version of this one...i hope
  • make a freaking bird house...and if i actually get this done (will be a miracle) i will make a freaking bird to go in it...and no one will be allowed to touch it either!

so, i am off to the garage to find the drill & drfitwood. it sure beats ironing!

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