Friday, May 1, 2009

lavender & lace make me vomit

ok, so i made it to the stitches & craft show...and i went with my best attitude...and i respect the older community...and i respect the traditional quilt makers....
but OMG there was sooo much lace and country style quilting. i was a baby compared to most crafty peeps there. and i am over 40 now!
i learned some quilting from these masters & so have great respect for their knowledge & skill. but please can we have more mod shit here please????
i did find a few stalls with my sorta style. bought some heather bailey fq's from here and these helpful ladies were great. they tell me they have cool stuff in their shop at toowong...i also bought the new real living mag (half price) & some yummy fabric from here. it was a relief to find some of the owners of blogs i check in on regularly. i was too shy to reveal myself as a stalker. i am not normally described as shy, so i am sure my friends & family would die of laughter reading that!! i had just a little cash to spend as i have been buying up a fabric storm of late. so i was restrained. for me.
i saw some gorgeous little bird houses that i have admired online before & now i just have to have one...i will chase one down from somewhere. nerida is sure to know where to get one. she might have even posted about them before.....she has been my go-to girl for most things bloggy of late.....she always comes up with the goods too.
photos when weather improves & sun shining...
today i found a little joy, so that is good....i needed some joy today.


  1. that's funny! I had a really good look at those birdhouses myself and then attempted one this weekend of my own. Turned out OK, but learned some tricks for the next one...I'll post my effort later in the week!

    You can buy some really lovely ones here:

    Did you see all that selvedge stuff? Geez I loved that.

    And yes. Thank goodness for the BrisStyle indies at the end of the hall. I thought my leisurely afternoon of craft was only going to last 15 minutes after walking through the several rows of utter crap.

  2. i have been feeling very guilty for slamming the oldies like i did.....i had only a short time there & no time for anything hands-on. i was a bit jaded that thanks for making me feel it wasn't just me & my shitty frame of mind. i wish i could do it all over again - properly & hands-on.
    need to make that bird house!!!



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