Monday, May 11, 2009

no medication required

well, what a week! but look at what i have achieved....some things are 100% finished even
  • gifts for school - check
  • cushions for bed - check
  • clutch for wedding - check

boy, it has been a huge week. and thrown into the mix - a wedding (beautiful), mother's day (ahhh) & missing out on a rug on ebay by $1 - a story for another day.

the clutch went without a hitch. amazing for me i can tell you. i kept it simple & it went perfectly. great size, great fabric, great to finish something!

the wedding - just beautiful. really special. the boys were amazingly behaved & they made me very proud.

then out to brunch at tenneriffe for mother's day - delish! then home for a very lazy afternoon & takeaway dinner. i scored some great gifts......a handstamped necklace with the boys' names & birthstone crystals from here. and i got my pinking shears!! and slippers. and got to be totally lazy all day. i even managed to sew my cushions for my bed & they look great.

but today.....i have loads to catch up on. better get to it. and i am avoiding ebay.......promise!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the clutch - it turned out SO well - you must feel very pleased with yourself!

    And yay for pinking shears! You won't know yourself!



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