Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ebay karma

have you been hanging out for the aussie dollar to show its face again?? well, it's looking healthier. i am about to trawl etsy in hope of some fabric bargains......like i need more right now! but i can look can't i??

i have practical stuff to do - meal planning, toilet cleaning, shower cleaning, exercising....all the boring shitty jobs.

i'd much prefer to be doing nothing, sipping hot chocolate in my slippers, organizing recipes, dreaming of sewing projects, bidding for my third rug in hopeful anticipation of winning this time.......wtf is it with ebay anyway? i am sure i am getting totally scammed in the last few minutes. i just cannot let it go though. i will put myself through the torture again today. i am very stubborn at times.

ebay has been good to me. i have sold plenty of stuff for great prices. i am kind to people though. i often throw in a little extra or a nice note or good thoughts.......ebay karma should be working for me.........this rug guy is screwing with my head....second chance offers my arse......i will beat him in the end.

be warned rug guy. i am not a woman to be messed with! just ask the men in my life!!

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