Monday, March 23, 2009


thanks to nerida at craftjuice for the brisbane mathilda market info. i took my mum who was visiting from canberra and managed to pick up some cute little fabric cupcakes filled with lavender to use as drawer liners. I can add them in to a little christening gift for gorgeous josie mae! I had already purchased the cute birdie sewn print to frame from here. now we are all set.

i wish i had time and energy to start a market stall. i must admit i went along to check out what other peeps do and how they display their wares. i think CF may actually kill me if i even mention the idea of setting up many ideas, so little time.
on a brighter note - i have lost 2.5kgs in 4 weeks. this is a great effort for me. i have managed to avoid the gym (gyms are so not for me), damage some very delicate girl bits riding a man bike, buy a sports bra(a first) and lived to tell these tales. as i can no longer blame pregnancy for my flabby body - my boys are 9 and 12 - i have to put the effort in. menopause is becoming a familiar word around here. more on that later. i have to read the books!!

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