Friday, March 27, 2009

noosa booty

i have just returned from a day at noosa and the little towns around that area. just a day for me to enjoy. no kids. no man. just me and a magazine. it is my sunday as i am working the weekend.
time to recharge by the ocean.

i picked up this booty at my fave shop there - signature on hastings. gorgeous shop, overpriced (well some things), great eye candy but up-themselves owners/managers. the typical 1990's too cool for school over middle aged sort of peeps. you know what i mean. too much noosa sun, too many fake diamonds (big rocks) and look down their noses at the likes of me with my pale, hairy legs and non-designer rags.

dont get me wrong. i adore noosa and think it has gotten so much better in the last few years. more down to earth than before.

anyhow, love the shop. the big shells are for a future little display (that i am yet to figure out) and the votives are such pretty colours and look to be hand made. pretty.

have a great weekend....

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