Wednesday, March 25, 2009

red & black

pink for girls is great but what about some red and black? i love black - it is slimming, easy to accessorize with and it reminds me of melbourne. everyone wears black there! no bad coffee there either....just saying!

not that babies need to wear black for any of these reasons.....but i do think red and black make a cool change from
so, in my crafty wisdom and because i have absolutely nothing to do today (total lie), i just made this.

because my sewing machine somehow doesnt like sewing on knit fabrics, the machine stitching could be better on the reverse side. my little appliques are hand embroidered. the thought of teeny tiny stitches on the machine would send me mental. nothing wrong with mental either by the way.

and i have figured out how to get rid of the date on my camera - another pat on the back for me.

this is the test model, so i had better chat to my machine for the future. and i think a bib would look cute too.

my photos might improve soon if i figure the next tricky plan out.

1 comment:

  1. great job! i love your design. i think tiny hand stitches keep me sane - its quite meditative. it took me AGES to work out our camera too.



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