Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fabric fun

today i visited funky fabrix at mitchelton. they are online here too. quite a treat and i left in a daze. not what i expected but worth the trip. i picked up some fat quarters which i will show off tomorrow. in typical 50% fashion, i have absolutely no project in mind but i chose some i wouldn't normally look at - you know, like a challenge.....i feel a complete disaster approaching! i also admired some softies and have decided to give one a go...someday soon.

tomorrow i have a christmas lunch to attend...long story...looking forward to it though. i am meeting up with 3 scottish friends so i will probably be needing subtitles by dessert. they talk quicker when they are together. they are fun though. and we get to use the naughty words we reserve for outside of home.

and speaking of naughty words - thank you so much nerida for making me smile with your opening wtf on friday!! blog land is newish to me and sometimes (well mostly) i write as i see it. i have been sensoring myself a little in case i offend all of those clever designy crafty peeps who probably never swear. i was a little nervous about my wtf in one of my recent posts....and i substituted girly bits when i really wanted to say clitoris....was not sure about the rules. i feel so much better now. if i offend, i am sorry...you can leave me off your christmas card list. really not sure why i worry. nobody is probably even reading this!!

back to craft - i just saw this in my current fave colours. cute i thought. i love stuff like this. i am a bit of a dork like that.

bed awaits. i have just packed up my year 8 boy for camp for tomorrow. he is off to the sunshine coast hinterland for 3 days of fun. it has been a whole year since i smelled the last bag he brought home filled with muddy damp clothes. yeah for me. i am sure he will have fun and i am no longer nervous about these things. a bit surprising for me....

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  1. Life's too short.

    I think you'll like this one then..



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