Monday, March 30, 2009

mondays suck!

mondays are hard for me. i often work weekends, so never feel like getting up mondays. especially when i got to bed at 1am and it is cool and this morning.
cf flies to melbourne today for 3 days. he gets to do room service, drink wine, eat out, do wanky work stuff and unpack again. he goes cool places like india, indonesia, png,, know...real big cities and countries with culture and amazing food and experiences.
me, i get to be lazy around the house and craft all day long if i want to. i dont work while he is away, so just fun and games for me this week!....i do miss him though...i miss the little chats too...he thinks i will run out of words one day.......i know i still have plenty in my tank. he'll be so relieved to know that.
hoping your monday is more motivational than mine.

hey cannot wait to hear how my sister's market stall went. she is the really cool one who hangs with the hip crowd in the rural mudgee wine region. she is the superwoman of the family....and very crafty. i wish i had her energy.....more coffee required!

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