Wednesday, February 25, 2009


not a fan at the best of times...such is life. i must learn moderation. boring but essential.....
on a mission to shed 5kgs. not that hard you say?? i hate exercise and i love food and maybe wine and champagne too. there is a prize at the end. i am in competition with CF (control-freak, completer-finisher, ie husband) and i have found my competitive side. i want the prize!

just spent 5 days by the beach and became very relaxed. came back wanting to escape the real world even more. wanted a farm house. or cottage to decorate, chooks to steal eggs from, puppy to run with, open fire to burn marshmallows on, peace and quiet.....then i got to thinking:

  • boys need school. i am so not the home schooling type of mum!
  • we have jobs & haven't won lotto
  • i have a beautiful home still not decorated
  • i love our pool
  • i love my study
  • i can avoid the shops easily. i hate westfield.
  • i buy free range already
  • i can hide at home as much as i like

and i have decided that i am going to pretend i live on a farm and craft and cook as if i have all the time in the world. and i can buy a fire pit. and CF helped me to decorate the study (mmmmm). i have so much that i want and now i have decided to just sit back and enjoy it. how freeing and what a great discovery. i may still get my chooks and rolling hills when the boys leave home....for now, i have a patch of suburbia, a home and no snakes. i love being home!

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