Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cpr - the funny side

i know, cpr is very serious business. but i have to tell this real story that happened a few weeks ago...
my friend/colleague was driving and saw a strapping young (35yo) cyclist collapse from his bike on a busy road. she pulls up, assesses the situation and commences cpr. a vet pulls up also and she offers to assist. all good (well relatively). my friend is doing the cardiac side and vet giving mouth to mouth. ambulance arrives 15 minutes later. vet cleans teeth and the girls debrief together in the admits to only ever having done cpr on a mouse before - wtf??? a mouse?? firstly, who resuscitates a mouse? and secondly, how would you resuscitate a mouse??
i am hoping my sister with the vet man in the house can answer this.....
all turned out well apparently for both man & mouse!

1 comment:

  1. man vet and i think this story very funny!! man vets previous mouse experience only involved an anesthesia within a gassed lunch box...(apparently surgery successful | the anesthetic not!)
    man vets possible resus. suggestions include: resus mouse by foot...(hey, he is a big animal vet...he is probably frightened of them!)



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