Wednesday, March 25, 2009

budgie resus

we have a pure white budgie. he came with nine lives. i don't think i am good with birds...
he used to come out and have a fly around. we have a cat now, so no flying freely around the house.
some of his (my) mishaps include....
  • flying into a full bowl of vindaloo, being washed under the tap and remaining orange for months. actually , that was pretty funny....for CF and i.
  • during a trimming of his toenails, i accidentally cut a piece off his toe. as a piece of side info, apparently birds don't need pedicures...anyhow.. loads of blood lost, panic, ring sister with man vet in house - her advice - buy another bird as this one will die. bleeding continues...CF suggests googling "bleeding budgie toe". helpful advice suggests dipping foot into corflour - hey presto, haemorrhaging bird cured. well, he did go into shock. i had to confess to youngest child, i have probably killed the bird giving it a pedicure. we prayed and he lived.
  • bird having some ouside time...windy day...large cage gets blown off table and crashes to the ground. cage falls apart and bird sits dazed with cat about to pounce. bird saved by quick thinking CF and a tea towel.
i will stop there or you will be ringing the rspca to have my bird taken off me.
i am so much better with the children! honest!!

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