Tuesday, March 31, 2009


is it rude to comment on how skinny someone is now after not seeing them for 20 years?
i bumped into a girl last week in a packed lift at work. was on my way home after brushing up on cpr skills (in case a mouse arrests) and i hear my maiden name called from the back of the lift. here is sue who i was buddies with at uni (in rural nsw) and who i haven't seen in 20 years! she was always tubby and a bit dishevelled - but fun! god, i hope she never reads this! my first comment in the full lift was o my god, look how skinny you are!!! i sooo meant it in a nice way. she took it well. but my mouth wouldnt stay closed and i just couldn't stop commenting on how skinny she looks. i have put on about 10kgs since she saw me, so she is probably telling her man i look like crap. in my defence, in uni i used to buy esprit shorts from the kids department - they were cheaper there too. poor uni student days where beer and hot chips were staples. i was quite small now i think back. someone is laughing somewhere now though, as all that beer and greasy food has caught up with me. and i am not the one laughing!

i am off to a school reunion dinner in may. it has been 23 years since i saw most of those peeps. apparently all the previously hot chicks are now fat. and the dorky boys are now the investment bankers living in singapore! wtf!! my best buddy and i are up for the laugh though. i never made it to the 10 year reunion. we had just had our first baby and it was a long trip from darwin. and lets face it. there was no way i was turning up looking like i had blown myself up with a bicycle pump!

any funny reunion stories out there??

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  1. Oh GOD - my 20 year reunion is this year and I think I'd rather scoop my eye out with a spoon. It's going to take me a LOT of wine to want to attend.



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