Sunday, February 28, 2010

japanese advantage

is it wrong to encourage my eldest son to stay good friends with the most gorgeous half japanese girl in the school? i mean, they are great friends & have been for years.
it's just that now i lust after washi tape & japanese craft books, i could use this japanese influence to my advantage couldn't i?
and she is stunning & super smart....
& goes home to japan often.
shit, what's not to like?
my eldest voluntered to be a buddy for a japanese exchange student last week too. this is my son who embraces his inner nerd & has just spent his sunday at a debating workshop. god, where did he come from? he's cute & thoughtful & cultured & would totally make a wonderful boyfriend for a gorgeous japanese girl....i could invite her to dinner to translate for me.
she sends home origami swans for him.
life is good with this girl around.
i just need some happy tape!

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