Monday, February 22, 2010

secret weapon

it must be biggest loser time do i know this? because i am hauling my arse around the neighbouhood trying to run....remember my attempts last year? well i do & it wasn't pretty. but i thought if caitlin can run, maybe i can try too....she is 180kg after all.

my wakeup call came when i was trying shorts on in target. i caught site of my arse in the rear view mirror in the change room & i tell you, i was scared! wtf is with that lighting in there. is it meant to be a beacon onto the biggest part of you?

anyhow, after my man hears the distress in my voice, he takes me to athlete's foot. i am a total newbie there & i am happy with the 18yo assistant's advice & self control at my plight.

well, now i have a secret weapon - i had no idea what a difference a good pair of shoes makes when trying this whole exercise caper. man, these shoes have wings! i can run....well, i am up to 4 minutes at a time, so no need for applause....

my other secret weapon is the bike pants that are under my hold everything in & control the wobble. this is a good thing. especially for those running past me!

so, i stick with my mission for greater fitness. i have a girlfriend coming in april for a visit, so i have a goal. goals are good. maybe i just need to do a weekly visit to the target change room to keep me motivated.....

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