Saturday, February 27, 2010

dutch chicks

not so long ago, all i knew about holland was clogs, tulips & the tasty little croquets(?) my old dutch neighbours would cook up when i was 12. remembering, i came from closed minded rural australia & that my mother still refers to anyone with an accent, dark hair /skin or a passport as new australians! really.

i have the most amazing friend who's family brought her to australia from holland at the age of 12. she tells stories of speaking no english, kooky (to aussies) clothes & head flushing at school - all for just being different. i cannot even imagine how difficult her life was back then. i have a deep admiration of this girl & she embraces her uniqueness with an ever present smile. i love her. her talents are many & she is stylish beyond words. i am hoping some style rubs off on me one day...

since discovering blogging, i have discovered more deliciousness than i can imagine about the netherlands & surrounding areas & i just want to be transported there to live for a year. i would be the awkward, daggy, pale little aussie among the strong, stylish, tall dutch chicks. i would just hope i am past the head flushing stage.

blogs like yvestown totally let me escape to another world, if only for a little while. this dutch girl is amazing & i cannot wait to discover more on her blog.

now, i am after dottieangel's clogs & i can tiptoe through the tulips. do they actually wear clogs in the netherlands or is it just a tourist thing? i don't want to be wearing anything kooky & put myself at risk of a head flush... is from yvestown blog & tutorial for crochet garland there also. btw, i had a go but my clogs are pinching my toes &  i need to practice more....

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