Saturday, February 27, 2010

this week

a big week. extra shifts & a workshop that wasn't quite as poke your eye out with a needle boring as what i was led to believe - thank god we had the fill in facilitator!!

my saviour was....indian food & wine last night after overtime & being in the same clothes for 15 hours....well, a shower was good too.

also, i cannot get my mind off granny squares. i have had an image of a rug in my mind for a year now. you know the ones doing the circuit. little explosions of colour within white borders...mmmm.

i really want to be wrapped in mormon goodness in one of kelly's classes & feel that buzz of creativity....except i am pretty sure i wouldn't last long in the mormon group. i swear too much & like a glass of wine with lunch. & i sorta have a problem with rules. i would want to take all the lovely community, family, womanly bits & bathe in that for a while & then get a glass of wine. i don't need more than one glass but i like to have the choice. i am a bit 50percent when it comes to religion too i am afraid. it's just how god made me.....

ps...have you noticed how gorgeous the mormon girls are btw??  i have mentioned it to kelly before & apparently you have to be gorgeous to join up

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