Sunday, February 7, 2010

what i should be doing is the ironing....
i am bumming around here reflecting on my busy week & making a journal cover....that doesn't fit the diary it was made for, but fits a notebook. so not all is lost.
kids back into the swing of school & homework.
man still has 2 weeks off.
i am meant to be emailing my cv to someone.....god this job stuff is exhausting. no wonder people just can't be bothered & stay put. it's been 4 years since i've had to apply for anything. it takes energy...
other happenings this week....
  • i am wondering why i was having a conversation with my boys about not trying to pee with an i'd know to be honest!
  • where is that international man of mystery when it comes to these talks??
  • i am reading the girl most likely by rebecca sparrow. i am sure she was looking down on my life when she wrote it....a funny read & i love a girl that's not afraid of the f- word
  • career talk - one step forward & two back.
  • i join up again?
  • wishing my baking mojo would return
  • skinny dipping alone...& a shower outside by the pool. the poor neighbours!
  • planning another girls night out with the cool chicks from work - they rock!

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