Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just breathe....

finally, a day off.
it's been crazy here for the last 10 days. course work to do, workshop talks to prepare, boy to get to camp, shifts & double shifts to get through, homework - for us all, debating workshops for one boy.....& the usual family business....& night duty is looming like a thunder cloud.
& the rain. o my, the rain!
i have just eaten a huge bowl of porridge for lunch. it was perfect.
i am ignoring all the mess, the washing & ironing, the cleaning....& i am just taking a few breaths today. catching up on computer things, browsing blogs, buying a few goodies online.
i bought a set of mounted photos from here. they look beautiful. this photo is one of them. i know just the wall to hang them.
just breathing now....

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