Monday, January 4, 2010

discovery & rediscovery

new year. new goals. yes?
i am going to call it my year of rediscovery.

firstly, i am thanking 2009 for being my year of discovery....
i discovered that what i call obsessive behaviour is what others apparently call finishing a task
i discovered i do actually like myself & i really enjoy the simple things in life
i discovered that all is not what it seems
i discovered that people do show their true selves eventually...there is only so much hiding one can do
i discovered how to say no & not feel as guilty as i used to
i discovered it is ok to trust that little inner voice & that i should listen more attentively
i discovered i can stick at something & continue to enjoy this blog. this month it is a whole year old. if i thought anyone read it, i would offer a giveaway...cause i love free shit (not a new discovery)

now for the year ahead & the rediscovery of....
the joy of making things for my home
my passion for my job & new career goals...yet to be totally figured out! and i need to get over one of the worst days i have had in a while because right now, it all just sucks...but i live in hope!!
the joy in reading a great book
the joy in lazy days & even more family board games
the joy in my marriage of 14 years
friends who have been neglected these past few years
the joy of fitting into clothes & not looking & feeling like a freakin telly tubby
the art of riding a bike without falling off & having a random bogan honk their horn & laugh at me....i am sticking to the quiet areas around my suburb

on a high note...i have actually finished some projects this weekend. it is really rewarding. some are gifts. others are for my home. and i am in the middle of building a console table with the $25 legs i bought on ebay. lets just say this one is a work in progress...

on a random higher note...i discovered today that a colleague is married to a famous author. and i saw her today. but, shit, i didn't realise who she was until she was i am going to look like a stalker. i have already told him i am totally in love with his wife. so maybe i sound like a stalker when i strode up to richard branson & called him richard & asked for an autogragh...when everyone else looked airbrushed & were calling him mr branson & he was about to conduct a wedding ceremony in san francisco...but hey, i got the autograph!

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