Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a great cause...join up!

i have just joined a great cause to help those less fortunate than us. it was started by the talented author bec sparrow & entails donating a mere $10 to a different cause each month for a year.
it is called the first sunday club & as soon as i read about it in the sunday mail, i was in.

and before anyone pulls the old "the money never gets to them" attitude fresh from the 1970's, please give with your heart & have some faith. it's just a miserable excuse you are creating & the world needs less misery, not more.

so, for a mere $10 this month, we are supporting & are helping women & children in afghanistan & pakistan. it is super quick & easy to join & i am sure we could all find/redirect this small amount each month for something great like this!

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