Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas...

yes, it is christmas eve & i have only just made my wreath & put it on the front door...excuse the photo as i am banned from going out the door. apparently santa is hard at work on something not for my eyes..and the photo is from my iphone.

frankly i am grateful for the end of this year. it has been a shocker for us & i look forward to starting afresh soon.

but we survived it.....well, 5 out of 6 of us survived it. sadly our budgie died a month ago. and i had nothing to do with it. i am still missing him as we had many great memories with that guy. remember the vindaloo dive, the survival of his pedicure & the cornflour rescue? for those who are new, read my posts about this famous little bird.
the rest of the year went a bit like this:
  • hysterectomy - check
  • man mid-life crisis - check
  • worst in-laws in the world - check
  • best kids report cards ever - check
  • best friends ever - check
  • best boys ever - check
  • boosted inner strength - check
  • more grey hair - check
  • some finished craft - check
  • alot of unfinished craft - check
i have a lot to be grateful for & i am blessed with some wonderful people around me.
take care & i wish you all a merry christmas & happy new year.
i am off to finish making the rum punch & maybe have a taste test or two.

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