Saturday, January 16, 2010

the universe...

i do believe in putting your dreams out to the universe...not totally in the secret sort of obsessive way but just in a purely positive way.

i have really struggled this fortnight with being positive - mostly on the work front. but yesterday i put on my sparkly mac eyeshadow to get to work & told myself to get over it all & realise that this is my year.

well i tell you worked. within minutes of stepping foot in the door new opportunities presented themselves to me....well that was after i stopped gasping for breath after walking the 120 steps to my floor as punishment for not riding my bike that morning..

i have 2 jobs to apply for now & i am staying positive. i know it will be competetive but i am up for the challenge. i am moving on i tell you. and leaving the misery behind. i got great encouragement from people i respect & if they have faith in me, then why shouldn't i??
i also got to deliver a gorgeous baby boy for an amazing family. so all good really.

i am being told that this year is a great year for me & to stay focused & positive...well it's about fucking time!

yes i know i have shown you this print before but it found me again & it is sooo cute. it's from here.

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