Monday, January 11, 2010

found this cute quote at a pretty trip that i discovered today.

feeling a little sad to say goodbye to friends who have been staying. you know...easy hard work involved...a pleasure to have...& now they are missed.
friends we have known for 15 years. our husbands all met doing airtraffic control together. all 3 are still in the aviation industry, but different positions. one even flies for my mate richard...

now we have children aged 17 months to 17 years....& they are all amazing kids. all of our travels have seen us in darwin & canberra together & it doesn't matter how long it's been between's all just so easy & lovely. and now i miss them & their gorgeous girls. thankfully one lot are living here is this town now, so i get coffees & cuddles more often. the others are in canberra which seems too far away today,,,

tomorrow we are off to the noosa river fishing with our boys. we are set to test the new rods out. it means an early start but i am really looking forward to a family day in the is good!

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