Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cuckoo & freezer!

ok blogworld. need your help. i need a cuckoo clock on a budget. so, i am thinking of stencilling with freezer paper...cause i hear it's dead simple. one big problem. no american freezer paper here that i can get my hands on quickly. well, not that any has come to my attention...
so, after emailing one blogger & obviously sounding like a complete lunatic, i am putting it out to the universe. this usually works for me.
so, if you know where i can buy some here in aus, or if you are a blogger willing to do me a favour & post some to me, please email me. i am happy to pay for it!! just not what they charge per sheet as some online shops.
as an aside, i had my appointment with my psychic friend for some questions i had for him...i was wearing my cuckoo clock brooch. as i do. and he tells me his guide is pointing at my brooch giggling & telling him to look...he then tells me i am completely mentally stable even though i am wearing a cuckoo clock. but i knew that already thanks very much!
my friend will be cuckoo too with her little one for christmas....

ps my brooch from from here. love her style & blogged about her before. doesn't it just make you a mentally stable sorta way!!

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