Thursday, December 10, 2009

ho ho ho...& a knicker mystery

well i hope you are all more organized than me for this cheery part of the year. november was full of high hopes but my shopping died in the arse big time....even after my great start.

well i got with my mum for a weekend of cafes, window shopping, shopping for me, dancing in the crowd at mamma mia, drinking wine. and that was just sydney.

then a few days at the coast with my boys and, monopoly, movies

and then straight after night duty, a quick sleep & off to our little work xmas party. loads of yummy indian food, champagne, wine & a sleepover for me at a girlfriends house.
and then a 2 day recovery. i am so not wine fit at the moment.

and then straight back into work where i never seem to even get to pee, eat or hang with the other cool chicks. same old staff, many babies arriving.

i figured it must be the silly season though as after work yesterday i found my knickers in my bag i take to work...i know i left the house with a pair on. and i returned home with a pair i have a knicker mystery on my hands....& i don't think i shall go on further about that!

and next week it is a friends catch up for kids, dinner with friends, haircuts, a 40th birthday for my man & hopefully the xmas shopping. i struggle with being in the regular saturday morning crowds at the shops, so i will be needing all the help i can get to brave the shops next week. they tell me it is crazy already.

ps... this gorgeous wreath is from here with the tutorial. if only i had time to sit & make it. it is absolutely gorgeous!

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