Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hot mess!

no, not britney....me!
i am hot & my house is a mess!
it was about 36 degrees here today & it was so hot i even got in the pool with the boys after school. i am a get in real quick, cool off without getting my hair wet sort of swimmer. you know the type....in & out before i get splashed too much. boys don't get it.
i would much rather head in after dark for a quiet nudie swim when everybody is asleep....well they were supposed to be asleep. we got sprung one night by the kids! very funny story but will spare you the details...at least until another time.
just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the LDS girls who have emailed me/left a comment. you are all so sweet & i wish i could come to one of your crafty sessions....more on LDS again soon.
today was about orthodontists, keeping up fluids, trying the new bakery - choc brownie, carrot cake & cupcakes all winners...it was too hot to cook, cooling down & delaying the housework another day....all in all a lazy day. but i needed it!
ps...photo is not my pool but cool eh? i think it came from realestate.com.au but found it months ago...

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