Tuesday, November 10, 2009


remember when you were a kid in closed-minded rural australia...well maybe i am reliving my childhood...but you get the idea. well, i remember growing up in a world where there was no other religion other than being a catholic...& you certainly didn't question it or dare to think the hip cute new priest in town was actually cute...i was 18!
as i grew up & saw the locals praying on sundays & banging someone else's husband/wife during the week, i started to question a few things. & no one could really answer my questions adequately. i have no idea why i was dressed up like a miniature bride & confirmed at the age of 12? the best thing about midnight mass on christmas eve was the drinking session at the local pub afterwards...
lets just say i got skeptical & ditched the whole religion thing. instead, i explored the world, different religious points of view & the spiritual world. & i am glad to say i am a better person for it.
the thing is, i keep bumping into the wonderful women of the church of latter day saints. i have been known to hide from answering the door when they come knocking at home, but in the blog world, they are the amazing crafters, mothers & bloggers that i follow & then realise they are LDS. then i pick a new book up & discover a few pages in that it is about a LDS family caught in the middle of the murder of their young daughters....so i am a tad curious. they are quite the community & they have such great support for one another. & big families to share the load......
must visit cjanes site & read some more.....


  1. Hi! I'm LDS and I found your blog through your post on my happy little life. Have you checked out www.mormon.org? It explains some of our basic beliefs and lets you ask questions.

  2. Hi Kaz! I was reading people's comments about the post Kelly made about the Book of Mormon. I am also LDS. I have been blessed in so many ways with having the gospel in my life. Elise gave you a great source to learn more about our religion. If you want to have a more personal level and talk with someone, the missionaries would be more than happy to come visit with you. They can help you answer any unanswered questions you may have.



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