Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i feel like i am forever recovering from night duty. all it takes is a bad sleep - like 5 hours in 48 hours - & i am screwed! but i am back now & have 2 weeks off to bum around....well, craft, clean, shop, cook, pretend i am busy.
but a few good things.......
i have started the christmas shopping - & that never happens
i have an appointment with someone cool who can help me with my little inner voice
my man will be on long service leave for 10 weeks very soon - this could end badly as he has never had so much time on his hands & he is only just beginning to learn how to truly relax. but i hold high hopes. & i have a big list to keep him going!
i had a great chat to my gorgeous talented sister yesterday after way too long of missing one another
the alternative christmas dinner for work is all arranged & secret santas texted. see, i cannot be all schmoozy with peeps i don't like/respect. it is just not me. life is too short. so, a friend & i have sorted an alternative with just 9 of us from work...drinks & dinner & we are keeping it quiet!

and a few bad things....
my man is away for the best part of 3 weeks - like here one minute, ordering room service the next kind of scenario
the advent calendar will not be finished for this year....maybe for the grandchildren

pssss. these a few things the talented sis is working on. the cake tins are a fab gift that you can fill with homebaked goodies. & the bobby pins are to die for....email me if you are interested. she may kill me but i am so proud of her!

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