Monday, December 21, 2009

pre-christmas meltdown

i warned my husband yesterday i could feel a pre-christmas meltdown know when you know you are about to be a real bitch but just cannot stop yourself. or is that just me?
i have nothing to complain about really. but i think my hormones are just telling me to tread lightly & a pre-warning for the family is always a great idea wouldn't you say?
my remedy for times like this:
  • retreat to my study for uninterrupted craft/pretending to craft time
  • coffee & a new magazine
  • no household chores.....i can dream!
  • no one asking me to do something for them...not even get lunch!!
i tried these remedies yesterday afternoon & i had not longer than 10 minutes alone before i had to be, i fear my meltdown may still happen.
i absolutely adore my family & having the boys on holidays but i am also the sort of girl who needs some space too....unlike a certain gorgeous friend who cannot bare her own company......
anyhow, with the boys already being on holidays for 3 weeks & my man also home on long service leave, i have been managing my time in the car on the way to work. and it's not actually working for me people. i am heading off soon for an hour out alone...just a million other shoppers for company!
like a said.....meltdown were warned! from flicker

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