Saturday, September 4, 2010


yes, i believe things happen in threes. they always do.
this fortnight its been:
1.the glass outdoor table exploding into a trillion pieces right before our eyes at breakfast. quite a freaky site. and quite a freaking mess!
2. a text from 14yo son at 4pm...mum would it be inconvenient to ring you now?....instantly i was suspicious. i return the call to hear that 10yo son has hurt his arm at school. as a nurse & midwife my response is...can you move all your fingers? is it sore? is it swollen? get the gameboy out & see if you can use it. i'll ring you in 15 minutes on my way home.....husband in sydney of course.
walk in the door at 6pm, took one look under the icepack & yep its broken. fracture clinic is my second home. just in time to fly out on the family holiday but all is good.
3. the dryer blows up...
yep...threes! done!

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