Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lost it...

i think i have seriously lost the plot....the weekend was a blur of bile & sleep deprivation. our youngest got sick on school camp (again) & needed hard drugs to stop the bile vomits. i was greeted to this as i finished night duty friday morning....so, after 2 hours sleep i had a little green patient at home. he worries me as i think the anxiety around food starts it intially. but then it goes deep in his gut & before we know it, he cannot stop vomiting & we are at the doctor.

this child is a sensitive soul. and a very fussy eater. like i was before i left home. he likes boring plain old food....which no one else in the family likes. we eat loads of asian, indian, spicy foods. but not this kid. i must confess i sometimes wash a curry under the tap for him. to tone down the spice. friends alternate between hysterical laughter & total shock. i just got to the point where cooking 2 meals was just too much. and he needed to get with the program. he now will swallow a vitamin - a recent achievement.

dinner time for this kid has always been a dramatic event. different textures send him into a spin. he puked back some couscous last week. straight back onto his plate. it didn't reach his stomach. my calm reply? hun, just move your chicken away from the vomit & concentrate on the chicken.....is this too calm?

i alternate between hard arsed just eat it mum & totally whatever go to bed hungry mum....i have been trying to be calm about the food. blood tests a few years ago revealed nothing was wrong. but we are back at the gp for some input this week.

he is 10 now & in my mind, we should be on easy street when it comes to dinner. we eat healthy meals. my kids have not grown up on meat pies, soggy frozen vegies & tinned food....but apparently camp food is this sort of food. part of me likes that he cannot eat that crap. but he needs to try....he tells me it's the smell that gets to him. i don't blame him. that stuff stinks. but he cannot starve himself at camp.

he has improved.
he still swallows peas whole - so did i.
he will eat broccolini tiny bit by tiny bit.
he won't touch salad.
he eats chicken, meat, pork, fish (with my beer batter)
he eats potato, pasta & rice
he loves cheese
he eats apples & sometimes watermelon
he never eats sweets, lollies or cakes (only my choc chip muffins which he cooks with me)
the only orange thing he will eat is a cheezle.

am i losing it? does any other mother go through this? how does one gorgeous little person reduce me to tears with worry?

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