Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hearing voices...

i've had hunches before...i judge peeps the minute i meet them...i get feelings....but all of a sudden in the last few months, i am totally freaking myself out with my little inner voice. lets just say the little voice is yelling at me & i am actually listening now....thanks for that! i get it. ok.

some stuff i have known of late i cannot reveal for personal reasons but yesterday at work i heard my little friend loud & clear. i met my patient & within 5 minutes of meeting her i had the paperwork out on the table for her emergency....that happened 2 hours later.

yes, it should have been an easy peasy third baby arriving for a delightful mum & her partner. but i insisted on telling the doctor to be careful...several a nagging wife. he is young & a real doctor now & sort of looked at me as if i was crazy...he started her induction. all went well for a don't need all the details & it won't make sense unless you are in my business. they call it a cord prolapse & it's the real deal emergency...i get to leave my fingers in, keep pushing baby's head back off the cord, stay on her bed while she is basically upside down...& we are connected like that until she gets a general anaesthetic & her baby is born via emergency caesarean. so, there i am, under her sheets in theatre reminding the real doctor not to cut my fingers off....saying thank you to my little inner voice....

that gorgeous baby girl has a shiloh pitt mouth & my 2 fingerprints on her head. and she is gorgeous & healthy. thank you little inner voice! i promise to keep

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