Friday, September 25, 2009

my head...

my head has either been up my own arse, up someone elses....(yes i was back at work last week) or on my pillow....night duty style. it's a blurr really.

last week i was back into the swing of work with welcome back night duty. it went well & it was nice to see some of my colleagues smiling faces again. some of the grumpy ones made me smile on the inside too....some people are just born miserable.

it was an eventful week...a family member who we never hear from decides to ask us for $5000 to bandaid his extravagant lifestyle that has busted big time....he tried some emotional blackmail & tried to sound as if it was a matter of urgency, but no money for him i am afraid. we called it tough love! and besides, no spare $5000 lying around under my mattress.

our gorgeous 10yo was on school camp & became sick. he ended up very unwell & was hospitalised with iv's over the weekend. he was really brave & i was so proud. he even remembered his manners when he was so sick...unlike the pottymouth mother with her teen daughters beside us. my son was too sick to comment at the time but the following day he turns to me & says well mum, at least we don't have to listen to that potty mouth mother any more. that was disgusting!

i swear at work - alot - but not in front of my patients or my kids....there was this one involved a removalist truck blocking our street when we were running late for school & i wasn't sure if i actually said fucking hell out loud or just in my head...turns out it wasn't just in my head! but only the older one heard & talked to me about it a few days later...oops!

ps this lovely leo necklace is from marmar & there is some seriously cute stuff there.

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