Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ahead of the times

i have an man always gets nervous when i say this...but it's a better plan than before. i used to have an online shop when the internet was newish & paypal was seen as scary & to be avoided & banks charged ridiculous merchant fees. so, i figure i was ahead of the times. now with etsy & online retailers everywhere i know this for a fact.

my other problems were....i don't like the hard sell, i was shy about my shop, i didn't want people to feel pressured to buy i was crap at marketing. not good when it's a business....oh & i liked to give people a little extra & wrap things extra special....again, not good for the money side of things! i sold other people's stuff & i was fussy about the quality & wanted something a little different. unique stock became harder to source as the internet became more popular....more peeps discovered the same gems as me.

so, i had to let it go. it was like a hobby more than a business & i didn't want to put more time & energy into it. i needed a breather & less pressure. i had other priorities.

but, now i have decided an etsy shop would be right up my will suit my style...lazy!
i can make bits when it suits me & when i am in that lovely manic phase of creativity. and sit on my arse drinking coffee when i feel the need to also. so, lets give it a go i thought. and i still have a million stickers & bits & pieces that come with having had a store....but..

i have been unable to remember my password when i created the etsy store to match my other store...that was 18 months ago. there was no help from etsy as i had dropped the associated email account also. i had to remember the password or choose another name. i tried everything i had ever had for a password & some ridiculous ones just in case...nothing for months & months.

then this week, i dreamed it & i got up & punched it into the computer & magically i was in! it made me smile.

so, no promises for when, but i will have an etsy store.....called yummymummygifts coming to you soon!

and no, i am not the yummy mummy & all up myself....nor am i a slummy mummy either. more like something normal-ish in between. like most mums. you've all heard the term & it is catchy & people remembered it. it was all good.

so there you have it. just don't hold your breath because i have more night duty this week.....that sucks & it makes me tired.

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