Sunday, January 9, 2011

new year

somehow my holidays are nearly done & i am back at work in 2 does that happen?
in typical 50percent fashion, i am still to get gifts to friends i work with. my brooch making came to a halt when the rainy weather wouldn't let my paint dry & so i lost back into it today despite the rain.
we have a new baby in the family...he is a tiny maltelier puppy & as we are first time dog owners, i am the typically annoying 42yo first-time mother at the vet with a million questions. i am surprised at how in love with him i am as i have never been a dog sorta gal. he has melted me though.....despite the toilet training & 0430hr starts most mornings. man he is cute!
the rain continues & i am reaching for my inner craft diva to make use of my last few days of holidays....i am going to let the kids (fur children included) fend for themselves (they have a new x-box bought yesterday with savings & a 15yo niece to entertain) & be totally selfish for the day i've decided.....& finish something for god's sake! am off to find my rainbow....
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