Thursday, December 16, 2010


this photo made me smile last night in bed with the iphone in the blackout.

i got home from a long 12 hour day at last day before 3 weeks holiday! my family had dinner cooking. then....lights out. the storm nuked all power for a few hours. the candles were lit. dinner served in bowls, books read by candlelight & the 4 of us chatting & having laughs in the dark together...for hours.

i'm not sure about anyone else, but we are pretty routine in the evening - dinner together, clean up together, showers & then chill time (often with the boys upstairs & the 2 of us catching up on the couch. bedtimes are apparently strict in our house. well, so my kids tell me....i think it's just fine. more often than not of late, they are tucking me into bed!

last night was just beautiful. i sat on the couch, had dinner served to me, kids hanging around reading joining in the convo & man & i enjoying a glass of wine together. lovely family time.
we both commented that thanks to mother nature, we had an unexpected peachy family night in.

sometimes it really is the little things....

photo from how about orange

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