Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in the stars...

mothers always feel guilty...no?
i don't like to get involved in the working/staying at home mother debate. it's not healthy.
we made a decision early that one of us would hang at home. my career went on hold. we travelled around the country for my man's work, i worked a few days (or nights) a week & the boys had me home mostly. now it's my time. i feel a little selfish at times....
it was in my stars....everything i read last year was about a little leo growing up & moving up.it felt like whatever i dreamed of, i got. don't get me wrong. it was hard work too. but i set my mind to something & i achieved it. the universe aligned & now i have a dream job. sometimes you just have to believe.
photo is one of poh's paintings...remember i discovered her before she was on masterchef??

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