Monday, July 13, 2009

what's doing?

i haven't had much time or energy for blogging & crafting of fact, i owe many peeps phone calls & emails & never seem to get around to it all. my sister will think i have fallen into an abyss....but she gets it.

i am still loving masterchef & the fact that poh is back. i will be lost when it finishes on sunday. i am not a regular tv viewer, so my addiction to masterchef surprises even when i loved the biggest loser...who knew i had it in me??

loved being in the garden yesterday with my family. the boys got in & helped & commented on what a great family day it was...we transformed our front garden...we always thought our landscaper was a little too minimalist (now coming from me that is something). i cannot stop admiring our work & look forward to spring now as i remember how much i love gardening.

bed shopping for 13yo bedroom makeover.... it is super comfy. it is king single to accomodate his teen growth. it has a 10 year warranty.....but my man tells me we won't need it...that he'll be left home long before the warranty runs dawned on me. shit, he is probably right. i cannot even begin to imagine family life without them being around. how does that happen? how does time just slip by & toddlers are suddenly teens..........really??

loving the thought of an ikea trip next week. i dare not attempt it in school holidays. i am not good with crowds at the best of times. am after some cool furniture for the bedroom makeover. i am trying hard to tackle one project at a time......really difficult i can tell you! it is like torture actually.

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