Thursday, July 16, 2009

loves...old & new

i am a list girl. it helps me to get things done.....sometimes... i like to mark things off as i do them. for some reason, i feel the need to share some latest loves. it is more of a list of a few little things i enjoy of late. i am on night duty for 3 nights & this will help to keep me happy & sane. night duty is a bit like being put in a bunker & it is difficult to remember the real world. i need things to look forward to when i resurface & this will help...if i am boring you already, then run for the hills now!
here are some loves...old & new:
  • dry spell gardening has returned & brendan moar just melts me. need i say more...or moar? his voice alone could rock me to sleep......
  • katy perry - her voice & i would also kill for that body!
  • masterchef - what will i do next week when it all ends?
  • rhubarb - i bought some at new farm markets, cooked it up with a few strawberries & it was total heaven....who knew? i had never tasted it before.
  • the other boleyn girl. i am reading the book & nearly cheated & watched the movie. it is a beautifully written book & something i wouldn't have read without my friend lisa's recommendation. it does reminds me how far women have come since the 1500's when some days, i do wonder....
  • pork belly - my step mum was cooking it for my dad's birthday last night & her recipe sounded delicious....she was so ahead of her time with her cooking. i gave her such a hard time when i was young & struggled with the whole step family thing. but she was one who inspired me & helped teach me to cook...i am thankful for her patience & perserverence with me!
  • blogs like these that i never find time to add to my list....katie did, flair to remember (for her quotes alone), wifestylefiles, mabelandlola, canberrasgotstyle
well, maybe that will be enough to remind me of the goodness that awaits when i come from the dark side. i am still trying to figure out a way to get to mathilda's market on sunday. i am not sure coffee will be enough fuel though. i finish work at 7am & have high hopes of staying awake to be there at i said...high hopes!

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